River Flies

River Nymphs

I love nymph fishing on rivers so i thought i would share a few of my creations which have caught me fish.

Cat Gut Pupa
Hook - #12-14 Grub
Body - Natural Cat Gut
Rib - hares Mask
Throat Hackle - Partridge
Thorax - Hares Mask
Hood - Bronze Mallard.

Quill Pupa

Hook - #12-14 Grub
Body - Clear Spanflex
Rib - Peacock Quill
Thorax - Hares Mask
Hood - Pheasant Tail
Bead - 2.3mm Orange Tungsten

Jelly Czech Nymph

Hook - #12-16 Grub
Body - Clear Spanflex
Rib - Veevus Mosaic Tinsel
Shell Back - Pheasant Tail Coated in UV Resin
Thorax - Deer Creek Northern Lights Seals Fur
Bead - 2.3mm Gold Tungsten

Orange Iris Spider

Hook - #12-16 Wet Fly
Body - Veevus Iris Thread
Hackle - English Partridge

Pink Jelly Czech Nymph

Hook - #12-16 Grub
Body - Pink spanflex
Shell - Mallard Flank Covered with Deer Creek UV Resin
Thorax - Hares Mask
Bead - 2.3mm Tungsten Pink Bead

Shell Back Pink Bug

Hook - #12 Hanak Barbless
Body - Pink Spanflex
Shell - Pheasant Tail
Rib - Pink Ribbing Quill
Thorax - Red Seals Fur
Bead - 2.3mm Tungsten Bead.

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