Monday, 26 August 2013

Tying Flies

Fly tying for me over the years has become a real passion and something that i do to relax and sometimes to push the limits of my tying abilities.

Even though i have been tying for over 20 years i still feel like i am learning. No matter how long i have been tying i still love to learn new techniques from other fly dressers around the world.

Allot of time in the tying world than can be a certain snobbery about taking advice from another fly dresser. If like me you want to still learn and develop new and unique flies then my advice would be to learn all you can from everyone you can.

For me i started developed my tying skills by watching people like Davie Mcphail on Youtube, He was and is to this day one of the best fly dressers around, and yes i still like to watch his videos even though i have a number of years experience behind me.

A great place for new fly dressers to go would be the BFFI which will be held in February 2014. There will be a multitude of fly dressers from all over the world, which i would recommend anyone to chat with.

I spoke to a number of fly dressers at the show and it was great to learn new techniques and speak to guys who maybe fish for pike and salt water species, as this is a realm which i haven't delved into so far.

Recently i decided to do my own videos on youtube and if i am honest i found this very hard indeed. Tying perfectly in front of a camera is something that took time and i even re-shot some videos as i wasn't happy with small mistakes.

As i fly dresser i am a perfectionist and i like my own flies to be the best they can be. 


No matter how long you have been tying don't be afraid to learn something new, even if its from a beginner. Over the years i have learnt things from people with varying abilities and backgrounds.


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