Sunday, 21 July 2013

Indicator Fishing!!!

Love it or hate we all have to realise that this method for catching fish is here to stay in the UK and believe it or not it can be one of the most productive methods to use.

I was First introduced to indicator fishing about 10 years ago by a good friend of mine Mark Walker. I had a few year break from fishing and at the time i couldn't believe how much the fishing world had changed. 

It was one day at Lockwood Beck where i really got to grips with fishing the indicator and do i dare say it?? .......OO welll ... Yes, a Cats Whisker under it, Phew!!

The day was very cold and we were out fishing on the boat with a very slight breeze and snow imminent on the horizon!!

I set my G-Loomis Rod up with a short 12ft leader and a Indicator set to a 3ft Depth. Within 5 minutes me and mark had had 3 fish each to the boat. This continued all day long untill the snow finally started and we had to come in.

We managed over 50 fish to the boat in 6 hours with many more lost. which proves this method can out-fish any other on a particular day.

Now i am not sitting here telling people to stop pulling their ,ures and fishing nymphs etc BUT to have a open mind when it comes to fishing. There is nothing worse than alot of this Snobish behaviour when it comes to fly fishing. 

I have seen people Abused and slated for fishing the indicator over the years and for no other reason than foolish snobbery and pride.


There are alot of newcomers i have seen over the last few years being taught to cast a fly with a indicator.

This is something i strongly do not agree with, Surely as a Casting/Fishing coach new comers to Fly fishing should be taught the fundamental basics, such as;

* Retrieving Flies
* Different Retrieves
*Depth Finding
Different Fly Set Ups

Not just how to cast a indicator out and how to watch it drift round waiting  round waiting for the inevitable "Dip" which might not come depending on how the fish are feeding. 

As modern anglers we need to adapt to our surroundings and adapt to how the fish are feeding and what the fish are feeding on?

As an angler i like to consider myself as a all rounder, being able to fish dry fly, Nymph fishing, washing line, Lure fishing, and yes Indicator fishing if the conditions are right and fish want it static at a certain depth.

Many people think fishing the indicator is juts a case of chucking out a fly and leaving it. Far from it! 
The whole point of indicator fishing is to suspend your flies at a depth at which the fish are holding to maximize the chance of you getting a take, Hence increasing your catch rate.

So in conclusion i think indicator fishing is a string to your bow but not a "Be all and end all Pattern" like alot of people are being taught today.


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