Saturday, 6 July 2013

Black Rainbow Diawl Bach !

Black Rainbow Diawl Bach.


Many people over the last few months have asked what my thinking is/was behind this pattern?   

As we know many fresh water insect larvae have segmented bodies. The Chironomid, which makes up 90% of a Trout's diet is case and point in this discussion.

Although the Black Rainbow Diawl is not a true representation of a Chironomid is does have a number of characteristics in which this insect larvae displays. There are a array of other Fresh water Nymphs/Larvae that also have segmented bodies and i think its very important as a angler to study these to ensure you create a pattern that isn't realistic but more imitative. This assures us a good catch rate throughout the season.

Such as;

Segmented Body
Moving elements between the segments
Wing Buds  

Why the Rainbow Section?

This basically was a after thought and something which i think creates a target point for the trout to home in on. We know that trout are very reactive at time and will grab at something fleeting across their faces. 

Why add Dubbing to the head?

Many Larvae/Nymphs have legs toward the front of their bodies, so i added seals fur to represent legs moving in the waters as you retrieve the fly. 


This is a great all round nymph and with the array of colours we have on the market the sky's the limit. My most successful colours in this pattern have been Olive, Black and Picric. 

So why not gives these a try!

Andy Saunders - Deer Creek Pro Team Member
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