Saturday, 13 July 2013

River Pupa - Using Cat Gut

Well over the years i have tied probably thousands of River patterns using various materials from around the world. I had heard of Cat Gut a number of times but never really thought about using it until Deer Creek were kind enough to send me some for free last week.

My first attempt at using it wasn't as successful as this one as i only soaked it in water for maybe 1 minute and the Cat Gut was too stiff to work properly, (Yes even someone who has tied for almost 22 years makes mistakes).

So the day after my first attempt i decided to leave in water for close to 20 mins and then tie with it, Wow what a difference. The Cat Gut was soft and easily workable when winding it the shank of the hook.

Cat Gut if you hasn't used it is worth a try as you can see from the fly i tied above it makes a great translucent juicy body, which I am sure the grayling and brown trout will like. :)

Andy Saunders

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