Friday, 12 July 2013

UV Resin - So whats it all about??

Well UV resin has taken the world by storm over the last few years and has revolutionized the way we finish our flies. 

I myself have only been using UV resin for the last 2 seasons and have to admit i will never go back to using Varnish to finish buzzer bodies and heads.

Resin vs Varnish

UV Resin really is a Treat when it comes to tying with speed. Alot of commercial fly tiers only need one coat of the resin on the heads and bodies of thier flies compared to maybe 2 coats of varnish on a head and up to 6 coats to create the glass affect on a Buzzer.

Where as UV Resin might be alot easier to use sometimes i do believe it doesnt quite have the Toughness that we have come to know from varnish. However its very easy to make it super strong by adding a thing layer of varnish over the top of it.

I know some people might say "well doesnt that defeat the object" The answer is 'NO' You add your layer of resin to a Buzzer and set using your torch, add a thing layer of varnish and hey presto the pattern is finished. Im sure you will agree that is a far easier and less time consumikng way of finishing your nice buzzers. 

Here is a example 

I finished this fly with one coat of Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV Resin on the body and then a thin coat of varnish over the top.

The reason for "Nano Flake" is that i use some Deer Creek Nano Flake Resin over the top of my Orange Varnished Cheeks to add a bit of sparkle. Did it need it? Probably not but i liked the way it looked.

Here is one of my videos using Deer Creek UV resin;


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